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Frequently Asked 

Q: Does Roam Wild only have one coordinator? What do you do for larger weddings or events?

A: Yes! Roam Wild has one official coordinator, however, Jenny has a team to help take on larger weddings and events to ensure that no detail is overlooked and everything runs smoothly. 

Q: How far are you willing to travel?

A: After 30 miles Roam Wild will charge for miles + gas, but this doesn't mean we won't travel! It simply depends on if we have back to back weddings that could create a tight travel schedule if they are further away from each other. However, please ask us if your event date allows us to come to you! We hate to say no.

Q: I'm still confused about why I would need a coordinator. Couldn't I just make my own timeline?

A: Coordinators are helpful in the way that they are available when you won't be on your big day. Who is going to do the table settings while you're in hair and makeup? Who will corral friends and family for pictures while you're already in them? What about making sure each vendor arrives on time? We do more than just create your day of timeline to keep everyone on schedule!

Q: Can you elaborate on what a 'custom package' might include?

A: Clients will come to Roam Wild with some of their vendors already booked, or all of their vendors booked, but might need help with finding rentals or creating an overall design for their venue space. That's where a custom package is great! It gives a client everything offered with day-of coordination, plus the specific areas they need help with.  

Please feel free to email us if you still have any unanswered questions, would like to chat over the phone or want to book! 

Roam Wild Events

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